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Mary Ann Hodge is an engaged member of the London community as an environmentalist, community organizer, foster parent, and occasional teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board.

A graduate of Western University, Mary Ann spent seventeen years working as a corporate facilities manager in Toronto, understanding budget restraints, and developing project management skills. Returning to her hometown after the loss of her husband, she earned her teaching certification and teaches frequently in the French immersion schools in London.

As a member of the City’s Advisory Committee on the Environment, Mary Ann successfully led the call to ask City Council to declare a climate emergency. She recently initiated the formation of Climate Action London, a grassroots movement to respond to the climate crisis through education and advocacy.  Mary Ann works with other non-profits and city departments to build pollinator gardens, encourage composting, facilitate townhall discussions and advocate to government officials. When Chair of the Board for Camp Kee-Mo-Kee, Mary Ann spearheaded a revitalization of the camp, including fundraising over $1 million to upgrade camp infrastructure and adding programming for First Nations and LGBTQ+ youth to enhance opportunities for children and youth to experience nature.

Mary Ann ran as the federal Green Party candidate for London North Centre in 2008 and 2011 and in London West in 2019. She has served on both the provincial and local Green Party executives. Mary Ann joined the Green Party due to their commitment to the Triple Bottom Line – the concept that all decisions should balance the impact on People, the Planet and the Economy. She is now motivated by the IPCC report in 2018 that stated we have about 10 years to stabilize our greenhouse gas emissions in order to avert irreparable damage to the Earth’s climate. Mary Ann is a strong supporter of climate action because the climate affects everyone, and it is often the marginalized that are affected the most.  We cannot have a just society without a stable climate.

Mary Ann has been a long time supporter of ReForest London and the Thames Talbot Land Trust and believes in the importance of preserving natural areas as an antidote to the increasing stress and anxiety of our lives today. She is also a supporter and fundraiser for Indwell, a non-profit that provides Homes and Hope for those with mental health challenges. She has her feet firmly planted in the reality of today, while looking forward to a better tomorrow.

Important Issues

Affordable Housing

Apartment Bulidings

Mary Ann understands affordable housing from the perspective of a landlord and as a supporter and fundraiser for Indwell – an organization that provides Homes and Hope for people with mental health challenges. 80% of Canadians live in an urban environment. The best urban spaces are people-centered. London’s Wortley Village is a great example of […]

Electoral Reform

Ballot Box

Are you tired of politics that is more about being in power, than solving the important issues of the day? Mary Ann has experience working in collaboration and cooperation with other groups and believes the way to reduce political polarization is to find common ground and work together. Until we change the first-past-the-post electoral system, […]

Climate Change

Ice Berg

Mary Ann is committed to climate action. After the City of London declared a climate emergency in 2019, Mary Ann established Climate Action London to help Londoners engage in a variety of climate actions. Governments of the past have failed Canadians. They have failed to listen to the scientists and now actions will be more […]

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