Affordable Housing

Apartment Bulidings

Mary Ann understands affordable housing from the perspective of a landlord and as a supporter and fundraiser for Indwell – an organization that provides Homes and Hope for people with mental health challenges. 80% of Canadians live in an urban environment. The best urban spaces are people-centered. London’s Wortley Village is a great example of such a neighbourhood.

A place where you can get groceries, go to a coffee shop and work, all without having to get in your car. A mixed-use neighbourhood, with a range of housing density, where 10-12 storey residential buildings are not overbearing, but increase density enough to enable more affordable services like public transit and cycling paths.

Adding more single family housing to the perimeter of the city provides more supply, but does not solve many of the other housing issues that make London a great city. Today’s housing issues are complex and climate justice includes addressing the lack of affordable rental units and access for apartment dwellers to green space.

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