Climate Change

Ice Berg

Mary Ann is committed to climate action. After the City of London declared a climate emergency in 2019, Mary Ann established Climate Action London to help Londoners engage in a variety of climate actions. Governments of the past have failed Canadians. They have failed to listen to the scientists and now actions will be more difficult and expensive.

We have seen with Covid, that when government listens to science, they can make the hard decisions and gain the support of Canadians. Governments have failed to educate Canadians on the risks of not taking greater climate action. Like the oil and gas industry that has suppressed information for decades, the Canadian government has become too dependent on the income from fossil fuels and not invested in developing new green industries that could have made Canada a leading in clean technology.

The time for gradual change has passed. Systems change means looking at every decision through a climate lens. We have lived as if the abundance of the Earth is limitless. I will work to move Canada toward a more circular economy that generates less waste by renewing resources, not depleting them and to preserve nature’s role in stabilizing our climate and supporting our mental health.

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