Electoral Reform

Ballot Box

Are you tired of politics that is more about being in power, than solving the important issues of the day? Mary Ann has experience working in collaboration and cooperation with other groups and believes the way to reduce political polarization is to find common ground and work together.

Until we change the first-past-the-post electoral system, we will see our politics become more polarized, wasting money on elections rather than services.  Changing our political system will be complex, which is why you cannot just ask someone what they would like to see instead. 

Mary Ann supports the Green Party’s call to establish a Citizen’s Assembly – a diverse group of Canadians from many political backgrounds that can become educated about the different possibilities and work together to make a recommendation to Canadians, and then educate Canadians on the alternative through an intensive media/education campaign which can then be put to a referendum. Everyone knows what First-Past-The-Post looks like, they need a similar understanding of what an alternative could look like.  One system that has received accolades is Ranked Ballot. 

London was an innovator in the last municipal election.  Other countries, like Germany for example, have found great collaborations happen with Proportional Representation.  How many people vote against someone, instead of FOR someone?  How many people live in a riding where they feel their vote doesn’t change anything. Canada can do better to ensure everyone’s vote matters.

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